March 1, 2010

Guess I should explain the name of this blog. If you haven’t looked around yet and figured it out, my last name has this particular set of letters in it. Nobody EVER gets its pronunciation correct. O-U-G-H, how hard can it be? Oh…






Get the picture? Stupid English language! Anyhoo, I’ll leave the correct pronunciation of my name out of it for now. Some of you may know it, or of others with the same last name that pronounce it the same as I do. I’ve known a few others that spell it the same, but it rhymes with one of the other words up there. Suffice it to say…it’s been somewhat of a pain, having to spell my name for everyone that hears it, or correct the pronunciation of those who only see it written, for the better part of 45 years (I didn’t learn to spell until I was 5).

So, since my wife took the infinitely better blog identity of “Classical Blunder”, I chose this one. Hope you enjoy my ranting and raving on here, when I finally find the time to write anything down.


One comment

  1. Yea….o-u-g-h …that’s a problem….

    Eh…But for sure, you don’t have to spell your name for me…ha???

    Anyway….what’s your name?….oops…..haha..:P

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